The church of Saint Pierre des Chartreux is situated close to the place Saint-Pierre. The church’s name comes from the monastic community of the Carthusians (Chartreux in French), who built it in the 17th century.

The construction of the church began in 1602 : some Carthusian brothers who had been chased out of Castres by Protestants decided to construct a monastery in Toulouse. After the fall of the first dome in 1609, the building was raised up. The church was consecrated by the cardinal François de Sourdis on May 20, 1612.

The only part that still exists is the church and a part of the cloister.

The church was first dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St Paul of Thebes. After the Revolution, the church of Saint Pierre des Cuisines and its convent were requisitioned as an arsenal, and the parish was transferred to Saint Pierre des Chartreux. It was therefore dedicated to Saint Peter in 1792.

Since September of 2007, the parish of Saint Pierre des Chartreux has been the Student Parish of Toulouse. Masses are celebrated there at 19:00 during the week, preceded by Confessions and Adoration.

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