Singing is praying twice!

Come help us with the Liturgy :

  • Play an instrument during Mass, either on Sunday or during the week : violin, keyboard, guitar, djembe, flute, cello, organ.

  • Lead the congregation in song during a Student Mass, or sing at Sunday evening Mass.

  • Find, type, and send us a song that we don’t yet have in the songbooks! Send us new sheet music!

  • Help us organize sheet music for the big Masses (Holy Thursday, Paschal Vigil, Confirmations).

  • Collect songbooks left in the pews after Mass.

  • Leave songbooks on each pew before Mass.

A guitarist is always welcomed for the meal on Sunday evenings!

  • Join a music group

  • Join a choir

  • Participate in the Fête de la Musique (Festival of Music)

  • Lead the celebration for St Cecilia at the Student Parish (patroness of musicians).



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