Come help us with :

  • Putting away the microphones and sound system after Sunday Mass (20 mins)

  • Set up the micros and sounds system before Sunday Mass (20 mins)

  • Take loads of things to the landfill (must have a car)

  • Clean and dust the altar and the altars of the side chapels.

  • Vacuum in the Chapel of the Cross.

  • Throw out dead flowers.

  • Vacuum and mop in the Parish room.

  • Take down posters that are out of date.

  • Clean the church : vacuum or mop or sweep.

  • Clean the sacristy : the furniture, and vacuum.

  • Vacuum the atrium of the church.

  • Sweep the cloister.

  • Prepare a yummy meal for the priest.

  • Clean the priest’s car.

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