• Invite a student to come to Mass (one who has never come, or who stopped coming!)
  • Publicize for our events.

  • Invite a student to come pray with you before Mass.

Attention! A special event for March 13!

Always more of your love, Lord!

Inspired by this desire, the prayer and praise groups of the Parish will get together this month to praise, adore, and announce our God of love!

Together, we learn to listen to his Word, and to let it anchor itself in our lives… Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will enter into praise and Adoration! The evening will include times of praise and Adoration, as well as a teaching and a time of evangelization.

We’re hoping to see many of you turn out for this evening at Saint Pierre des Chartreux!

The Program :

19:00 Mass

19:45 Praise


Evangelization XXL!

The objective : To bring Heaven to Earth, bask in the presence of God through praise and adoration, and share the love of Christ with others!



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5 sept : BBQ de rentrée 

28-29 sept. : WEI, WE d'intégration de la Pasto





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