• Take photos for all of our important events (Welcome Back Festival, Mass, the Pilgrimage Exode 31)

  • Create a video documenting the Student Parish (residences, parish life, events, groups)

  • Write an article or interview students (about parish life, events, groups)

  • Touch up the photos we use for the website www.etudiants-toulouse.catholique.fr

Social Media

  • Take charge of the Twitter account of the Student Parish of Toulouse

  • Take charge of the Google+ account of the Student Paris of Toulouse

Updating Files

  • Update the file for the student groups of the Parish

  • Update the student file : collect email addresses from friends to invited them to our important events.
  • Update the Parish agenda


  • Design or rework drafts of publicity artwork (Open Church Festival or other events)

  • Pursue/maintain relations we have with business contacts.

  • Get in touch with our sponsorship contacts.

  • Search for businesses who can help finance our big events.


  • Help us design posters for our events (Welcome Back Festival and Mass, Exode 31, important weekends and any new types of get-togethers)


Be available for radio and TV interviews and shows, and to talk with journalists.

  • Create press releases for the Welcome Back Mass, Exode 31, or other student events, and respond to media attention.

Publicizing Team

  • get involved with handing out flyers and putting up posters before events.

  • coordinate teams of people going out to publicize

Brainstorming Potential Projects

Participate in a brainstorming group for

  • the creation of an event in town (living Nativity scenes, mass release of pink balloons, …)

  • the creation of new posters or leaflets



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A venir...

5 sept : BBQ de rentrée 

28-29 sept. : WEI, WE d'intégration de la Pasto





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