Say the Rosary on the bus, the metro…

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The Rosary is, all at once, a prayer and a Biblical meditation. It corresponds to the meditation on one of a series of four Mysteries (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, Glorious).

It uses simple prayers that are easy to memorize, since it consists of reciting an “Our Father” and ten “Hail Marys,” five times throughout the Rosary. “The Rosary is the liturgy of the poor,” wrote Sylvie Germain.

According to tradition, it was St. Dominic who received the Rosary from the hands of the Virgin Mary. Historically, devotion to the Rosary is recorded beginning in the 13th century - the religious brothers and sisters who could not read or write began the habit of reciting groups of Pater and Ave, in a fashion similar to the recitation of the Psalms. To hail Mary fifty times, was to offer her a crown of flowers, or roses, hence the English word “Rosary.” The Dominican Order spread this practice of meditating simply on important episodes during the life of Jesus, from a Marian perspective. The Rosary is universally known, and prayed in the same way across the world.

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