Daily at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

  •  7:20 : Lauds
  • 12:30 Midday Office

  • 22:00 Compline

 The Student Pilgrimage Exode 31,  March 19-20 (Palm Sunday Weekend)

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Monday March 22 – Holy Monday

  • 18:30 : Chrism Mass – Cathedrale Saint Étienne

Wednesday March 24 – Holy Wednesday

  • The Passion of the Christ, projection of Mel Gibson's film at 20:00 at the Bernanos centre, 23 rue Valade.


The Paschal Tridium :

Thursday March 25 – Holy Thursday

19:00 : Mass of the Last Supper at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

20:00 : Vigil Night before the Blessed Sacrament (it will be possible to sleep on-site, bring a sleeping bag) in the repository.

Friday March 26 – Holy Friday

7:30 : Lauds to conclude the vigil night

15:00 Stations of the Cross at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

18:00 Silent Procession from Notre Dame du Taur to the Cathedrale Saint Étienne

19:00 Office of the Passion at the Cathedrale Saint Étienne, until 21:00

22:00 Office of Tenebrae at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

Saturday March 27 – Holy Saturday

21:00 Paschal Vigil + Baptism of students at Notre Dame de la Daurade + brioche/nutella in the cloister or the room of Notre Dame (depending on the weather!)

Easter :

Sunday March 28 – Easter : Feast of the Resurrection

10:00 : Easter Mass, and then an egg hunt in the cloister at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

12:00 : Roasted lamb for all!

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