Ordinary Time

  • Every Sunday at Notre Dame de la Daurade at 19:00 + dinner at the Bernanos center (P.A.F 2 euros)
  • From Monday to Friday at Saint Pierre des Chartreux at 19:00 (preceded by a time of adoration and confessions at 18:00, beneath the organ), and on Sundays from July 1to August 31.
  • Every Thursday at the Paroisse de Saint Marc at 19:00 (M° Rangueil).


Dawn Mass every Monday morning at 7:00 + breakfast at St. Pierre des Chartreux.

And likewise for Ordinary Time.


There is no Mass for Christmas.

December 31 : Midnight Mass to pass into the New Year, at Saint Pierre des Chartreux.

Lent season

Dawn Mass every Monday morning at 7:00 + breakfast at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

Bread/Apples + conference every Friday at 20:00 after the 19:00 Mass at Saint Pierre des Chartreux

Palm Sunday Weekend : the Student Mass is not held due to the student pilgrimage EXODE 31.

and likewise for Ordinary Time.

Holy Week and Easter

See the times for offices during Holy Week.

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