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Palm Sunday : There is no Palm Sunday Mass at Notre Dame de la Daurade, due to the student pilgrimage Exode 31 which takes place every year.

All Saints Day : There is no Mass for All Saints Day, Saturday November 1 , in the Student Parish.

St. Cecilia : on November 22, the Student Parish celebrates the feast of St Cecilia! She sang in the face of torture, at the dawn of the third century, and for this we recognize Saint Cecilia today as the patron saint of musicians.

St. Saturnin : on November 29, (celebrated exceptionally on November 28 this year due to the calender), the Student Parish celebrates the feast of St. Saturnin, the first bishop of Toulouse, who was martyred in the year 250 for refusing to worship pagan gods. The student Mass for this occasion takes place in the Basilica of St Saturnin at 18:30, and not in Notre Dame de la Daurade.

The Annunciation : on December 8, the Student Parish celebrates the feast of the Immaculate Conception by inviting the students to illuminate their houses!

Our Lady of Gaudeloupe : on December 12, the Student Parish celebrates the feast of the Virgin of Tepeyac! The 12th of December was consecrated to her by John Paul II, to be held as a religious feast day throughout the American continent.

St. Thomas Aquinas : on January 28, the Student Parish celebrates the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of students! Every year, the Dominicans of Toulouse celebrate St Thomas, whose relics have lain in Toulouse since the 14th century. For this occasion, Mass is celebrated in the église des Jacobins.

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