What is a Jéri’coloc?

A Jéri’coloc is an apartment or house, shared between Catholic students who want to live out their faith in their daily lives, in a spirit of fraternity, and who want to shine a little missionary light into the student world.

Jéri’colocs are small student fraternities who commit to live according to the three pillars of prayer, fraternity, and service.

The rhythm of each Jéri’coloc is determined by the unique qualities of each fraternity.

A commitment to Jéri’coloc is taking a step with God, and toward Him!

It’s a commitment to progress with others, rather than alone.

A commitment with Jéri’Coloc is a little sign of your engagement with your faith, and a committal of yourself to the grace of God!

There are some common rules, and a charter for life shared in community.

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