This year, we have a student veggie garden for you to cultivate! The objective is to give students and young professionals the opportunity to cultivate a plot of land together, and to harvest its fruits! The plot of land is situated at the heart of the family gardens (jardins familiaux), 50 rue de Bourrassol, at St Cyprien, 10 minutes from St Pierre.

We get together every Sunday from 16:00 to 18:00 for workshops, presenting the opportunity to learn to plant, weed, water, and take care of the garden.

If you’d like to come find a green and growing corner in the middle of Toulouse, get your hands dirty, or just eat some delicious fruits and vegetables, the garden is here for you!

As well as growing healthy fruits and veggies, the goal of the garden is to create ties between those cultivate the space, as well as other who grow in the same area and have varying ages and occupations to our own. From an agricultural perspective, the idea is to organize an autonomous system - without the use of chemicals - and to show that we can produce a lot in a small amount of space, and for a small amount of money, which also means eating healthy food for cheap!

We get together at the garden on Sunday afternoons, from 16:00 to 18:00, and often finish with a shared picnic, accompanied by produce that we’ve grown.

Call first, since the garden gates are kept shut :

To follow the project :


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